Industry involved in the product

  • Renewable energy industry

    Renewable energy industry

    Ours products are widely used in the relevant facilities built to improve the practicability of wind, wave, solar and other energy sources.

  • Pro Membership

    Agricultural equipment

    For many years, we have provided products with excellent vibration resistance and corrosion resistance for agricultural vehicles and machinery parts.

  • Care Refresh

    Medical industry

    Provide products ranging from sports facilities for maintaining health to high-tech medical machines, nursing facilities, vehicles for the disabled, etc

  • Pro Membership

    Electronic component

    The products meet the requirements of electronic component products, protection safety interlocking systems and the industry of component products

  • Care Refresh

    Metal frame

    Equipment box, shell, component rack and double locking mechanism with high management requirements.

  • Gesture Control


    All kinds of hardware products for interior and exterior decoration of kitchen cabinets, passenger rooms, dining rooms and other spaces in traffic vehicles.

About Us


Welcome to Haisepu Industrial Parts!
Our company is a company specializing in the production and sales of industrial hardware accessories. We mainly produce various types of hardware fittings, such as handles, door locks, hinges, clasps and other products. Our products are widely used in construction, machinery, furniture, transportation and other industries, and are widely recognized and praised by our customers.
We have advanced production equipment and technology, use high quality raw materials and strict quality control system to ensure the high quality and reliability of our products. Our production process strictly abides by ISO9001 quality management system standards to ensure high quality and long-term stability of our products.
We pay attention to the needs of our customers and always put their interests in the first place. We have a wide range of products with complete specifications to meet the needs of different customers. We also attach great importance to communication and cooperation with our customers and provide them with comprehensive and professional services so as to win their trust and support. > Read more


Our aduantages

High quality products
Our company is committed to producing high-quality hinge products. Each product has undergone strict quality control to ensure that the final product meets the quality requirements of high standards.
Multiple specifications
Provide a variety of hinge products with different sizes and specifications to meet the needs of different customers. Customers can choose the appropriate hinge products according to the specific situation.
customized service
If customers need to customize special hinge products, our company can provide professional customized services, design and produce according to customers' needs, to ensure that the products fully meet customers' requirements.
Affordable price
The price of our hinge products is competitive. We can provide competitive prices on the premise of ensuring product quality by adopting efficient production process and material procurement.

Our Partners

Our products are sold all over the world and have won the trust and support of thousands of customers. We will continue to develop and maintain more quality customers and provide professional and professional product service support.

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